A call to glory

The ruins amongst the islands

Finding Hethcloaks sanctum

 After sifting through most of the ruins of the red wizard's tower, the heroes discovered some new items to assist their quest.  They were able to find enough of the red wizards remains to commune with the dead and discovered that he had set himself up here in hopes of finding the secrets of an older wizard who had established a sanctum on this island.

          The ancient red wizard named Alvorien Hethcloak had established a sanctum on the island before the spellplague and had passed on in the centuries before. It became clear to the party that there was a disaster precipitated by the year of blue fire and that the dead spirit of the red wizard was not aware of what caused the curse on the island.

          Further investigation showed that the red wizards tower had been pulled apart by an unfettered kraken serving the abolethic sovereignty. They decided against exploring further and moved on to try to break the curse over the island.

            The journey took them to the inner lagoon's coastline where they discovered a boathouse that belonged to the original owner (the wizard Hethcloak). and decided to set up camp here as the evening was drawing in and they had no natural warnings or defenses against the possible wandering monsters. they discovered that the boathouse though ruined (made of marble and mahogany) was still protected by some lingering magic. There was wildlife in the area which was a new experience for the party.

          There were crabs and reefclaws around the area and their supplies were not rotting. This allowed them some time to relax and indulge in a little light hearted entertainment. Of course that meant nothing good was going to happen and it didn't. They were attacked when a sudden squall hit and a pair of large tentacled monstrosities crawled ashore. The fight cost the lives of more of the company (sadly for the poor sailors) and in the end the party was victorious. Though the boat they had planned to use to get to the island in the center of the lagoon was smashed.

             After a nights rest and recovery they decided to wade/swim out to the island, now consisting of the heroes, a cleric, the bo'sun, and 1 surviving sailor. On the island they were concerned with the possibility of tatzelwyrms being in the area, so the druid wandered about while the monk and magus explored the more esoteric parts. The rogue and the cleric discovered the portal and some clues that showed that this place was at least once earlier visited by the order of the cerulean sign. There suspicions about aboleths being involved were beginning to be confirmed.

             Things got worse when the monk was trapped on a bench (an artifact combo designed to be used in conjunction with another) that allowed him to both view the whole of the island and at the same time drain his will. He and the magus were able to determine the effects of an aboleth reaching up from the deep. The magus and cleric tried to free the monk from his entrapment but the magus was himself stuck.  The rogue and cleric continued with the traps. Meanwhile the bo'sun and the sailor found themselves taken over by a wave of will radiating from underground. The rest of the party resisted but they were taken and used to attack the rest of the party.

         The druid's lion was able to kill the two taken, but that cost the party yet more of their dwindling strength. Finally the monk was able to break his binds and rescued the magus. The party used their pooled knowledge and experience to figure out somewhat of the scenario. They were able to discover the bulk of what they could about the cerulean sign and the abolethic sovereignty. With further exploration of the island and looking at the statue and other objects the party decided to "break the seal" and go in after the aboleth. This decision was made easier by recovering items belonging to the cerulean sign that would allow them to hide and resist the aboleth.

         The place was deep and dark, the former wizard's sanctum was now a lair of evil outsiders. They went down deep, winding stairs until they came to what was either a carved out chamber, a natural cavern?, or some combination of the two. It would prove to be some manner of trap as it was the lair of giant spiders and a pair of phase spiders.  The battle was short and sharp, it turned fast when the rogue opened the airways to allow the party to burn the webs and the druid was able to strike the spiders with lighting bolts from her spells.

                The party decided to camp out and rest in a secured chamber that they had explored. It ended up being the outer and last defenses that the cerulean sign used. …


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