Warlock of the Old One


5’7" 139 lbs. with red hair and blue eyes. She prefers wearing blacks and greys.

level 3 Warlock, old one pact " Dendar the night serpent "


Bryce went north with her fiancee, a wizard apprentice to Gant. She spent most of her time as Gant’s agent in Caer Konig. As the companions became more threatening, she was sent to lead a team to kill Arifal and his companions. It did not go well and Cora cut her down. laying in an expanding pool of her own blood she was given a choice by Arifal. She could join them or she could face the consequences. Then he showed her instructions from her fiancee ordering her to be killed by her thugs after the companions were slain. Hell hath no fury so they say and she agreed to aid the companions.


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