Durncrag Stonebridge

Old dwarven miner, retired adventurer


5’0" 160lbs with greying brown hair and brown rheumy eyes. He dresses in raggedy clothes that were once rich. He often reminisces with anyone who is willing to listen, though as he is free with his coin and keeps the drink flowing he never lacks for company.


Durncrag is the son of Barumn Stonebridge, a dwarf of Clan Battlehammer dwelling primarily at Kelvin’s Cairn. They family spent time in Hundlestone often in the winter months until they found their claim. The mines themselves were ancient, but had not played out so the family opened them up again. He spent most of his time in those days arranging business and supply issues in the Ten Towns and moving goods. He is a passing silversmith, but his true love is maintaining his old books. He has been melancholy of late and there are those who fear he may not live out the next few winters.

Durncrag Stonebridge

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