Einarr is from the land of Shou Lung. He is thought to be in his mid 20’s and stands approximately 5’6" at around 130 lbs.


Einarr grow up as a street urchin, his parents died while he was at an early age, but Einarr was a survivor he found inventive ways to feed himself and obtain a warm place to sleep most nights. When Einarr was about 10 years of age a local merchant took him in under his wing and taught him to be civil and not wild; acting to fit in with society and not like that of the animals.

The merchant was a chef so Einarr learned how to cook. His new family never had any children, couldn’t so hoped Einarr would be theirs and continue on with the family tradition of feeding people. But Einarr still had a wild side about him, having lived on the streets for so long, fending for himself. He told his new father he would return one day and help but Einarr wanted to see the world.


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