Fayth Of Sune

Luskanite cleric of Sune


5’8" and 130lbs with blonde hair (usually died red) and blue eyes. Her ears are somewhat pointed showing off her half elvish heritage. Her accent clearly reveals her birthplace in Luskan and she has the mannerisms of a docksider. She enjoys ships and the sea, as well as the company of sailors.


Born and raised on the streets of Luskan to an elvish mother and a sailor (pirate) operating out of the city, she was abandoned as a child early on. After reaching an age old enough to pick pockets she joined with Ship Rethnor out of desperation. She grew up on the streets and in the slums but slowly found the calling of Sune, changed her name to “Fayth” and joined the church in an attempt at atonement. Most of that went disastrously wrong.
She ended up wandering the sword coast for some years joining this group and that, but eventually found her way to the sea of fallen stars.

Fayth Of Sune

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