Tae'Laera McKlaw

Catfolk Lion Shaman


Tae’Laera is a lithe Catfolk haling from high mountainous plains and the forest’s edge. She has tannish fur, black markings, and stands only a slight 5’ 2". Don’t let her size fool you, however, for she is a fierce defender of her pride. With sharp claws and the determination of a Mountain Lion, she will quickly render her enemies into scraps.

Wearing simple leaf armor and carrying little else but her spell component pouch and a quarterstaff, Tae’Laera finds solace only in her oneness with nature.


As a Lion Shaman, Tae’Laera’s purpose in life is to use her Druidic powers of nature to punish those that would threaten her pride. Hiding in the shadows stalking her prey, she strikes at the neck of her enemies shredding their life-force to ribbons. Those who are deceived by her meek demeanor and slight presence underestimate her to their own peril, for within her lies the roaring heart of the Mountain Lion.

Caring nothing for the wiles of human extravagance, Tae’Laera chooses to live as one with nature, surviving on her whits and instincts. If forced to interact with lesser humanoids, Tae’Laera does so with great caution and careful regard lest she allow such simpletons to cloud her mind with trivial matters and manipulations.

Tae'Laera McKlaw

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