A call to glory

Cast adrift
Prologue: On the Sea of Fallen Stars

   We had trusted her to be a good ship and through most of the journey from Altumbel she had held up her end.  It was the storm that hit us unexpected that caused so much havoc. We had been skirting close to the Pirate Islands, it seemed wise to keep light and land in sight with such a squall about us. We had not figured for the rocks.

       The wreck of the "Lucky Lady" was unexpected as it was sudden. She had broken her keel on a rock, or reef. We could not be sure. It all happened so fast in the night. The rain and wind had hampered our vision and the clouds blotted out the moon and stars. In hindsight it would seem something more sinister was afoot. The storm left as fast as it came upon us.

        We found ourselves with the fortune of being close to an island and in the dark of night the lights from a small village gave us hope. We were close enough to shore that our ship had not fully sank, she rested on a sandbar perhaps 60 feet from shore. We resolved to wait for morning when we could see. That would prove fortuitous as we discovered the shoreline to be almost an unbroken mire of mud. There was a bay and we took our two remaining life boats and went towards where we saw the lights. ………….

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