A call to glory

A cursed island

The survivors rally

The shipwreck upon the reef caused all manner of chaos amongst the crew, the captain was no where to be found. The keel had not snapped but the poor ship sat listing on the reefs. The hull was cracked and water flooded in. The sharks were feeding well and reefclaws swarmed those thrown into the water. The storm had come up out of nothing and its violence and suddenness had doomed the ship.

     The party was able to acquire the last of the lifeboats through some rough "negotiation" with the crew. The Bo'sun put up a fight but the party was able to slip through and make it to the shoreline. Once there they discovered that the storm was more than just a fluke, it was a deliberate attack. They could still see the whirling clouds and heavy rains  menacing the ship and crew, but a mere 60 yards off and they were out of rain and winds.

     They quickly decided to move inland and away from the beach. After moving towards the forest at the eastern edge they wound there way until they came upon a ruin of unknown origin. They gave it a quick inspection and discovered that it had been there for months and was wholly abandoned. Further investigation showed that the site had been regularly attacked by zombies trying to get at the survivors of other shipwrecks that had come ashore.

           The last captain, one Captain Chatham of Marsember (in the kingdom of Cormyr) was the last survivor and he was slowly going mad. The zombies attacked night after night to prevent rest and the woods were infested with twigjacks and other assorted monsters. Worse to hear, they would find that their supplies were also affected by the curse that slowly made even their rations become un-useable after 5 days.  This became a cause of concern and sure enough the night saw an attack of zombies on their encampment in the ruins.

            An excellent display of magical might and raw force saw the zombie menace destroyed but the heroes realized that a malevolent force was at place and they had a limited time to solve the mystery. The next morning they set off and after wandering in the woods in an attempt to follow Captain Chatham's course to the center of the island, they ran into other survivors on the beach and quickly pressed them into their party. They then ran afoul of wood golems and twigjacks. A battle ensued that led to the party being victorious.

        They would discover more of the island's sinister nature when they found the cursed heads that were used by whatever power ruled the island to summon the monsters to attack survivors. With this item they slowly uncovered the magic that made it work and found a way to neutralize its effects. Using this new found technique they managed to press further into the woods without incident until they discovered a ruined wizards tower in the forest. It looked to have been destroyed in a cataclysmic duel.

         Of course the heroes moved in to investigate and triggered the ancient guardians of the tower, 3 water and 1 fire elemental who tried to prevent the party from getting too close to the ruins. The heroes intended to use "commune with the dead" to discover what had happened and find more clues to the island's mysteries. The heroes destroyed the bindings on the elementals but also lost their cursed skull in the battle. But they were victorious and prepared to dig through the ruins and question the former master of the tower's ghost.

………to be continued next session when the heroes



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