A call to glory

A dragon slain

Journey's ending

It was near the end of summer when the heroes decided it was the right time to re-enter the Durncrag mines in pursuit of Caulderung. The dragon was now without allies with the hags slain or driven off. It would be a hard decision to beard a dragon in its own lair, but it needed doing. The dwarves had returned to the north and in force. It was time to settle accounts.

         The rangers had concurred with the idea to remove the dragon before it became too great a threat. Jerimia was well trusted and he would represent the Ten Towns in the endeavor. Arifal the dwarf would lead the expedition with Cora, Jerimia, and Lord Frerin of Hundlestone.

     Cora was in it for the sheer thrill of it, it didn't hurt that she had been there before.  She spent the next few hours trying to console Bryce who was terrified that something would happen to them. It was hard for her to be left behind but Arifal was adamant, a woman in her condition should not be stalking a dragon in its lair.

      They set out at dawn after gathering supplies. The trek to Silverstream pass was without incident. The rangers had patrolled the area more heavily since the goblins where driven from the area. Jerimia led them skillfully through the pass and into the mouth of the mines. Arifal and Frerin took the lead and prepared the path as best as they could.

    The place looked about as Cora remembered it, a mess. The goblins had not been tidy or kind to the place. The waters still ran, though in some places had spilt into the corridors. They made good progress along the way. Cora was certain they had been followed but as she crept back, it was merely a curious myconid watching their progress. Cora was certain it was no threat, but it did bother her that it was in the upper chambers.

        They crossed into the grand cavern some hours later. The old rail structures were in good shape, so They managed to conceive a trap. Arifal would collapse a side corridor (an old trap was there to prevent invaders) and use the noise to draw the dragon out.  Once it entered the cavern, Arifal would blind it with a burst of light and then they would attack it with everything they had.

       The corridor crashed with the sound of thunder and the dragon did not disappoint, it rushed in full of rage. Jerimia sent a shaft into the beast that hit nothing but armored scale and it was of no use. He quickly drew and sent another that found its mark. The dragon was now full of wrath and prepared to punish the ranger when Arifal drew its attention with a proud challenge.

  Caulderung could not believe his luck, the vermin he had hunted were all here and ready (he thought even eager) to die. He lowered his head to breathe death at the dwarf when all of a sudden the world was all light and pain.  The next thing it felt was stinging pain in its back. Cora had leapt down and landed on the beasts back and was stabbing into it repeatedly. The dragon swiftly found itself overmatched as the heroes kept up the pressure and the attack.

         Cora ended the fight by driving her magic dagger into the beasts eye. The dragon slumped to the ground finally slain by the party's relentless assault. As the beast expired, the heroes took a rest. It would be a long trek home, but the deed was done. Lord Frerin took the beast's head with him back to Hundlestone.



Cora took her share of the treasure and went back to Easthaven where she opened a tavern called "The Dragon's Eye" and enjoyed a quiet retirement

Arifal returned to Kelvin's Cairn and took up his duties as the high priest of Moradin amongst Dane Stokely's realm

Jerimia and Bryce settled down and raised their children in a quiet corner of Lonelywood. Jerimia continued to patrol the wilds.


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