A call to glory

Chalice of Storms

the escape

  The heroes pressed on into the ruins looking for the Aboleth, as time was not on their side. The amulets still provided some protection, but they would not last. At a crossroads they decided to press towards the smell of salt water and hopefully find the creature.

           The corridor led in a winding pattern until they came upon a large chamber. Hidden inside were gargoyles waiting in ambush. This was Hethcloack's old fleshfactory where he created monsters. The gargoyles were the remnants of his works and guarded the chamber from intruders. The rogue discovered that the door would trap them in if it was abandoned so the cleric was told to stand there and behave while the rest of the party engaged the enemy.

        The gargoyles put up a stout fight but in the end were little match for hardened heroes. The room was cleared and the party went through looking for more clues, but the chamber itself was mostly empty. They continued on through winding passages until at last they came to the heart of the hill.

         The chamber was split were a crumbled bridge had fallen into the sea water. The aboleth had to be close as across a 100 foot pool of water there stood the chalice of storms. The artifact the aboleth had been using to destroy ships and trap crews. The party saw a pair of wells that connected to the seawater that had flooded most of the cavern. The monk decided to drag the cleric across on a door he had ripped from the other chamber (the previously mentioned magical door) this would prove decisive unbeknownst to the heros.

              The aboleth was not defensless though and had ordered its skum to attack the party. The group decided to tackle and destroy the chalice as the aboleth was using it to attack them in the chamber. The party fought back hard, but the monk used the door to block the second well ,thinking to stop skum from emerging as they were from the other. He did not know that he blocked the aboleth and trapped it in its submerged lair. The cleric then cast sanctuary and she was placed on the door. This caused the aboleth no end of trouble as it could not target her and hence the door to free itself and with the "magical" barrier it was unable to use its mind powers.

              The heroes were able to destroy the chalice and as the sanctum began to come apart they leaped through a portal and to their next step in adventure.


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